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Baby Footwear Facts

Initial Foot Development

The greatest concern of every parent is the health of our children in their early life. While we focus our attention on their inquisitive eyes and grasping hands, the development of their feet can’t be overlooked. And with thousands and thousands new mums in Singapore each year, there are a lot of new feet to be cared for.

Few children are born with naturally occurring foot problems. Often, foot problems arise later in life due to lack of proper care and concern during early development. Throughout your child’s first year, their feet will be incredibly soft and pliable. Foot specialists consider this early period the most important for healthy growth, cautioning parents against abnormal, repetitive pressures that can easily damage sensitive new feet.

The Ideal Conditions

Studies show that walking barefoot early in life promotes strong musculature, helping new feet form properly and naturally. By allowing the toes the freedom to perform their natural “grasping” action, babies’ feet can gain healthy strength and coordination.

Of course, going barefoot isn’t always practical. When walking outside or on rough surfaces, your baby’s feet need to be covered. Their soft, tender skin needs protection from the dangers of infection through accidental cuts and abrasion. This is when proper footwear becomes a necessity. Shupeas® is your solution.

Proper Footwear

When choosing footwear to protect young developing feet, experts agree that you should look for footwear with the following qualities:

Lightweight – The shoes should not be heavy or impede the child’s movement in any way
Flexible and Soft – The shoes should not restrict important toe and foot mobility, nor should they bind the growing feet in any way
Breathable – Constructed of breathable natural materials, such as leather, to promote healthy development of the feet
Flat – The shoes should not have any arch support, simulating barefoot conditions

By following these simple guidelines and measuring for a proper fit, your child’s feet will be off to a healthy start. Shupeas® shoes were designed to meet all these criteria while looking and feeling great.

Fun Foot Facts

The foot is a complex and amazing part of the human body. With 26 bones in each foot, your feet account for over 1/4 of the bones in your body. No less than 19 muscles and 107 ligaments control the movement of each foot. The average person takes 8,000-10,000 steps a day with their feet, which adds up to roughly 115,000 miles over a lifetime. That’s enough walking to circle the earth four times!

To cope with all this activity, we have over 250,000 sweat glands in our feet. These glands can excrete as much as a half-pint of moisture a day. Your feet are also able to handle tremendous pressures. While walking, you place about 2-3 times your body weight in pressure on your feet. When running, this pressure can increase to nearly 7 times your body weight.