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Product Care

About Lambskin Leather

Shupeas uses only the highest-grade lambskin (a.k.a. Sheepskin) available, providing the soft comfort Shupeas is famous for. High-grade lambskin is extremely dense and soft, which provides a more comfortable and durable material. Lambskin is naturally thermostatic thus keeping those delicate feet close to your natural body temperature, regardless of the temperature outside.

Shoe Care

Shupeas are made from the highest quality materials and specifically designed to promote the proper development of a child’s foot. To extend the life of your Shupeas shoes, we recommend you care for them with child-safe leather care products. Soft-soled footwear is intended for indoor and light outdoor wear. Shupeas expandable soft-soled shoes do not hold up well after excessive exposure to moisture and wetness. We recommend protective rain or snow wear on little feet when conditions are icy and rainy for safety, comfort and to extend the life of your Shupeas! 

Below are suggested care instructions for your Shupeas:

Leather: Spot clean area with mild soap and water or with baby/hand wipes. You can also polish your Shupeas with coconut oil or other non-toxic polishes or lotions designed for leather to prolong their life and eliminate unwanted marks.

Nubuck/Suede: Use a suede or nubuck eraser to remove marks or stains. Move the eraser over the discolored area until the marks disappear. Suede or nubuck erasers are available at shoe stores, mass merchandisers and pharmacies.

Canvas: Wipe clean with mild soap and water or with baby/hand wipes. Canvas may also be machine washed on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent. Air dry or dry on a low heat setting.